Green Sustainability

We recognise that The Olde Barn Hotel and its trading activities could have an adverse effect on the environment and as such is committed in minimising this impact by reducing pollution and energy wastage.


1. We will raise awareness with employees and customers regarding protecting the environment and give clear guidance on how they can assist the operation in minimising the operation’s environmental impact

2. We will always aim to exceed any environmental legislation. We have a genuine desire and so do our producers to protect our environment as 80% of the food on our menu is sourced from local growers and local producers. A clean environment is essential for sustainable farming.

3. We will remain committed to locally sourced produce as demonstrated by our membership of Select Lincolnshire.  We were passionate about demonstrating providence and the environmental benefits of locally sourced produce long before the box ticking corporations included this in their environmental policies. We also insist on fair trade products from all of our suppliers.

4. All employees will be trained to work in an environmentally considerate manner with environmentally friendly products.

5. All suppliers will be chosen on their ability to minimise their impact on the environment and we will need to see proper evidence to support this. We will see through corporate box ticking and we will expect proper physical evidence to support their commitment to this. We will then audit our suppliers and ensure any evidence is proven.

6. To focus the company, it’s employees, its suppliers and customers on the efficient use and management of the following.

a)     Energy

b)     Water

c)     Waste

d)     Raw materials

e)     Purchasing

7. To actively encourage engagement with the local community

8. To actively demonstrate the claims within our environmental policy


Select Lincolnshire and The Olde Barn HotelWe are passionate members of Select Lincolnshire and use local organic produce wherever possible, We have the most amazing food story with Lincolnshire producing one fifth of the nation’s food and we would like to share with you some of Lincolshire’s secrets. Why not visit the Select Lincolnshire website for more detailed information.Select Lincolnshire Awards 2013 – Highly Commended Hotel

Select Lincolnshire Awards 2013 – Highly Commended Caters & Function Venue


  • Abbey Parks Farm produces some of the best asparagus in the country that is as thick as your thumb. They even supply asparagus to world famous restaurants such as theSavoy in London. Abbey Parks grow and supply most of our seasonal vegetables and salads. They grow garlic shoots exclusively for us.
  • Cote Hill Farm suppliers of Cote Hill Blue and Yellow Belly cheese, please see Our Cheeses page for more details
  • F.W. Read & Sons Ltd suppliers of Lincolnshire Poacher and Dambuster cheeses, please see Our Cheeses page for more details.
  • Watkins Butchers suppliers of stuffed Lincolnshire chine, haslet, Lincolnshire plum bread and other speciality local produce.
  • Moorecroft supply a wide range of Grimsby landed fish.
  • Bloomsbury Bakers suppliers of bread and rolls.
  • Hansens Chocolate House makers of leading hand made

Our Cheeses

  • Cotehill Blue is blue veined, soft and creamy in texture and has a distinctive natural rind. Made at Cotehill Farm in Lincolnshire, it has won Gold Medals at the Nantwich International Cheese Show.
  • Yellow Belly is also produced at Cotehill Farm, Osgodby. Also known as Cotehill Yellow,it matures over 12 weeks into a delicious soft aromatic cheese in the continental style.
  • Lincolnshire Poacher is matured for approximately 14 to 16 months and has quite a lot upfront with a rich full flavour. Produced by Simon and Tim Jones of Ulceby Grange in the Lincolnshire Wolds, Lincolnshire Poacher has won numerous Gold Medals at the British Cheese Awards.
  • Lincoln Imp is a powerful, small, waxed cheddar cheese, not for the fainthearted! Named after the mythical Imp of Lincoln Cathedral, this cheese is a favourite amongst those ‘in the know’.
  • Dambuster is a cheddar style cheese that is coated distinctively in black wax. Good long lingering flavours, creamy and rich with a slightly softer texture than the usual cheddar cheeses.