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Barrowby Bamboozler

Starting from July, Wyndham Garden Grantham is supporting the Barrowby Bamboozler. The Bamboozler is a locally produced monthly quiz paper, which is supported by advertising from local companies and organisations. In return, each supporter gets a lineage advert and a dedicated puzzle created by the publisher, which relates in some way to their business or operation.

The publication is run by a local mum, Deborah, who has managed to expand the publication in a very short space of time, creating copies for Grantham and Newark areas. The hotel is supporting the Grantham publication in July, but moving forward from the next issue in September, (no August issue due to school holidays), will support both.

Take a look at the July issues on our website – solve the various crosswords, puzzles and you could win a variety of prizes donated by the sponsors.

Whilst obviously giving the hotel some local exposure, we were particularly interested in supporting this unusual venture both to encourage small local industries and also to provide our clients the enjoyment of puzzle solving.

We hope you enjoy puzzling through the pages on the website. Please feed back through our social media






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